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A Death Ruled “Justifiable” In 1965 a Louisiana police officer shot and killed a Black man named John Wesley Wilder. It was ruled a justifiable homicide, but the killer is still alive, and new evidence has come to light. Jul 24, 2023 Journalist & Producer
Un(re)solved Un(re)solved is a multiplatform investigation of civil rights cold cases and the federal effort to grapple with America’s legacy of racist killings. Jun 9, 2021 Journalist
Reframing The March on Washington Feb 8, 2022 Producer The best footage of the March on Washington was very nearly hidden from history. The Black Ambassador Who Took His Fight for Equality Straight to the State Department Feb 7, 2022 Producer A graphic history of Ambassador Terence Todman’s rise through the diplomatic ranks. How a Black Journalist-Turned-Ambassador Changed the Game in Both Media and Diplomacy Feb 7, 2022 Editor The Washington Post’s first Black female reporter remembers one of her heroes, Carl Rowan. When Blue Jeans Got a Bad Name Dec 27, 2021 Producer Over the fourth of July weekend in 1947, 4,000 motorcycle riders, wearing leather jackets and blue jeans roared into Hollister, California. A Place to Remember Nov 5, 2021 Producer Indigenous stories from the Everglades The War at Home Apr 14, 2021 Producer Pvt. Booker T. Spicely was one of numerous soldiers slain for purported Jim Crow violations in the 1940s. Briggs v. Elliott brought us Brown v. Board of Education. Here’s how. Mar 23, 2021 Editor Black parents and children in Clarendon County, South Carolina risked everything to destroy legalized segregation. Mr. Civil Rights Mar 12, 2021 Producer Before Brown v. Board of Education, there was Briggs v. Elliot—the case that launched Thurgood Marshall’s fight to end segregation in America’s schools. Red Summer: When Racist Mobs Ruled Feb 4, 2021 Editor How a pandemic of racial terror led to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. William and Elizebeth Friedman and the NSA’s “Secrecy Virus” Jan 6, 2021 Editor The pioneering codebreakers never imagined what their work might lead to, but they had their fears. The Cryptanalyst Who Brought Down the Mob Jan 5, 2021 Producer How codebreaker Elizebeth Friedman faced off with rum runners and drug smugglers—and won. Mississippi Justice Oct 15, 2020 Producer How the Klan perpetrators of the Mississippi Burning murders were enabled by state legislators, a state funded, anti-civil rights spy agency and police. The Ongoing Fight Jul 26, 2020 Producer Before women's suffrage, Black women led the fight for voting rights—and still do today. She Resisted Jun 17, 2020 Producer The strategies and tactics of the women's suffrage movement are brought to life in this web interactive. Black Women’s 200 Year Fight for the Vote Jun 3, 2020 Editor For two centuries, Black women have linked their ballot access to the human rights of all. Langston Hughes on Trial Dec 26, 2019 Producer A dramatization of Langston Hughes' 1953 testimony before Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s Subcommittee on Investigations, with Jericho Brown voicing Hughes. Another Hidden Figure: Clyde Foster Brought Color to NASA Jul 7, 2019 Producer Over three decades, he recruited hundreds of African Americans into the space program. Broadcasting the Moon Jul 3, 2019 Producer CBS’s broadcast of the moon landing is etched into national memory. But how did TV director Joel Banow create the live 36-hour program we remember?
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