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The Desegregation of Huntsville Jun 27, 2019 Producer African American civil rights activists in Huntsville, Alabama formed a “psychological warfare committee” to outsmart white supremacists and force the Rocket City to desegregate. How NASA Sold Us a Trip to the Moon Jun 27, 2019 Producer To win the space race, NASA had to develop space flight technology, train astronauts—and market the moon to the American public. The Road to Apollo Jun 4, 2019 Producer Take an immersive journey through Apollo missions 1, 8 and 11. The Women Who Brought Us the Moon Jun 3, 2019 Editor A diverse and potent force in space exploration, women at NASA who served as human computers were ultimately responsible for sending astronauts to the moon. Wernher von Braun and the Nazis May 20, 2019 Editor Wernher von Braun led NASA'S development of the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo 11 to the Moon. His Nazi record was not widely known until after his death. Zora Neale Hurston and the Polk County Blues Feb 11, 2019 Producer The writer travels to a Florida lumber camp in search of “that which the soul lives by.” Finding Carrie Buck Nov 2, 2018 Producer The doctors who sterilized Carrie Buck claimed she was a “feeble-minded” woman whose future offspring posed a threat to society. Her life paints a very different picture. The Acrobat Oct 17, 2018 Producer Explore today's social circus movement through the eyes of Sidney “Iking” Bateman. Genetic Screening: Controlling Heredity Oct 15, 2018 Producer Many worry that screening could lead to the search for human perfection and to the weeding out of those deemed “unfit.“ Just 100 years ago, that’s exactly what the eugenics movement tried to do. The Rise and Fall of Lillian Leitzel, Circus Queen Oct 9, 2018 Producer Lillian Leitzel was the most famous circus performer of her day — with a temper that matched her talents. The Pain Of Police Killings Can Last Decades Aug 25, 2016 Journalist This article was originally published by NPR CodeSwitch. In recent months, the nation has witnessed how questionable police shootings of A Deep South Cold Case Goes Frigid Aug 29, 2014 Journalist A new law instructed the FBI to investigate more than 100 unsolved murders from the civil rights era. But the government has done shockingly little in the search for justice. Before ‘Freedom Summer,’ A Wave Of Violence Largely Forgotten Aug 5, 2014 Journalist The KKK exacted violence against countless Black people thought by the terror group to be acting above their station. The shooting of Richard Joe Butler was one such case that was largely forgotten to history. A Racial Murder the FBI Can’t Seem to Solve Feb 28, 2014 Journalist It’s the 50th anniversary of the 1964 racial murder of Clifton Walker. For his family, closure remains elusive. Traitor Town: The Unsolved Civil Rights Murder of Clifton Walker Jul 22, 2012 Journalist A short film about the 1964 murder of Clifton Walker outside of Woodville, Miss. Decades after slaying, Mississippi family seeks justice Jul 21, 2012 Journalist Since 2007, the FBI has rotated at least three different agents onto the murder case. Walker's family says it has seen no indication any of the agents has made it a priority. A Father’s Life Tugs His Son to Revisit Unsolved Crimes Sep 14, 2011 Journalist "More and more I was looking not just at my father’s story but also at the unfinished business of the civil rights movement." Seeking ‘peace on this earth’: Detailing the need for Alabama to offer a formal state apology Mar 20, 2011 Journalist This article was originally published by The Anniston Star (web cache). Two local governments in southeast Alabama are expected to issue an Recy Taylor May Finally See Alabama Acknowledge Her 1944 Rape Mar 16, 2011 Journalist She was one of literally uncounted black women who were assaulted without justice in Jim Crow’s South. The Legacy of a Murder Mar 2, 2008 Journalist Racist killings from the civil rights era still haunt families and the country. Next page